A message from Mike Kenward, the Publisher of Radio Bygones.

Nine, Nine, Nine


A date I cannot forget - 9/9/09 – the date the neurologist looked straight at me and said “You have Parkinson’s” – I already knew, in the back of my mind, but the stark confirmation was still a bit of a blow. He went on to say that “It’s rather like a big oil tanker out at sea – it’s moving, but so slowly you hardly notice the progress”, to which I responded “But at least the tanker can stop!”


Why am I telling you this? Well it’s time for me to give up the reins of RB and fully retire as, over seven years later, the effects of the big ‘P’ gradually take more of a hold. What to do? RB is run as more of a hobby than a business and other publishers would not see a reason to take it over as a profitable magazine.


However, there is a similar magazine run on a shoestring, in a way similar to RB, that would continue to meet the needs of RB readers – The Radiophile. So, with the help and understanding of Chas Miller (the Publisher/Editor of The Radiophile), we have been able to arrange for RB to be merged with The Radiophile.


The Radiophile is published four times a year, just like RB, but has more pages (44, plus covers) and is produced in full colour – a bonus for RB readers. Chas tells me he has commissioned a number of articles on military equipment and most of the present RB contributors will continue to write for him. Thus giving readers the best of both worlds.


So, your present outstanding, paid for, RB issues will be fulfilled with the merged magazine and if you presently subscribe to both magazines your outstanding, paid for, RB issues will be added on to the end of your present Radiophile subscription.


I believe this is the best possible option for all concerned: RB readers will continue to get a vintage radio magazine covering a wide range of subjects and The Radiophile will be strengthened by an increase in subscribers, thus ensuring the continuation of a vintage radio magazine as the ever-ageing readership tends to fall away.


Chas has asked me to add that he appreciates the confidence I have placed in him to keep the RB flag flying and how privileged he feels to work in a profession in which rivalry and friendship can go hand in hand – as indeed I do.


I have enjoyed producing Radio Bygones over the last 17 years and would like to thank all our readers, contributors and advertisers for your interest and support. I hope you understand my need to take a bit of a rest; I can’t stop taking the pills, or the progress of Parkinson’s, but I can make sure I make the most of my time.


Mike Kenward


Wimborne, February 2017


From 1st March 2017 Radio Bygones has been incorporated into The Radiophile.


Please visit The Radiophile website.