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WHETHER your interest is in domestic radio and TV or in amateur radio, in military, aeronautical or marine communications, in radar and radio navigation, in instruments, in broadcasting, in audio and recording, or in professional radio systems fixed or mobile, RADIO BYGONES is the magazine for you.


ARTICLES on restoration and repair, history, circuit techniques, personalities, reminiscences and just plain nostalgia – you’ll find them all.  Plus features on museums and private collections and a full colour photo-feature in every issue.


IT’S MOSTLY about valves, of course, but ‘solid-state’ – whether of the coherer and spark-gap variety or early transistors – also has a place.


FROM THE DAYS of Maxwell, Hertz, Lodge and Marconi to what was the state-of-the-art just a few short years ago.


There is also a selection of free readers ‘For Sale and Wanted advertisements in every issue.


Radio Bygones covers it all!


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